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and the winner is.....

Wow, I had no idea I would get that many amazing reviews! I seriously was thinking that I would get a few excellent descriptions of our coffee. Instead we got so many of touching reviews that reflected much more then just coffee in them. Jay and I were both humbled by all the kinds words! It really means more then words can describe.

The two winners are Jordyn and Ashley. I am so thankful someone has created an online random name generator to pick the names because I wanted to send you all free coffee! Not that you would complain about that haha.

Ashley and Jordyn both will receive 3 free bags of coffee! I will also attach the reviews they sent to us. The one review I removed the brand names of other coffee companies. It sure made me laugh while reading it:)

Review by Ashley,

I would love to share a review of your coffee. I am an absolute coffee lover. When the pandemic hit I decided to try a local roaster and numerous people suggested Stone City. We have tried three different blends and loved them all. Our favorite is the Berkeley which we now purchase in the 4 lb bag. Besides the coffee being amazing so is the customer service! They go above and beyond to deliver a delicious blend of goodness.

Ashley G.

Review by Jordyn,

I couldn’t be happier to share my review of your coffee with you. I have always been a coffee drinker but my fiancé was a (different brand) guy...I don’t know if I can say the brand name whoops. Because he was a big coffee drinker I’m talking a pot a day I didn’t go ahead and buy my own coffee I just slow down on coffee or picked up coffee on my way to work. Our roommate bought other (nicer) coffee and it was always the best days when he would make the coffee. I realize there must be something better out there but did not go look for it I continued with my ( another brand) adventures. It wasn’t until the pandemic took over and one of my students brought me a lovely gift just because of the chaos that was this year and it was a bag of your sunrise blend. I kid you not it converted my fiancé with one sip and we have not bought (other brand) since. We refer to your coffee as our nice coffee or our fancy coffee and we love to enjoy it on weekends. Sunrise is hands down my favourite coffee on the planet. So thank you

Jordyn S.

Again, Thank you!!! Also make sure to check for an email Friday morning! We have something fun coming up!!

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