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Customer Reviews

As a small business we are so thankful for customer reviews. If you would like to add one please send us an email. Thanks so much! Jay & Colleen

I will preface this review by giving you my coffee background. I was born and raised in Washington state, home of Starbucks. In fact at one point I lived 20 minutes away from the 1st Starbucks ever. Growing up in Washington coffee is everywhere, on every corner. From the drive thru coffee stand to the small custom roaster, to the mermaid mega giant themselves. It’s essential to have a coffee on the gray dreary Washington mornings. 

When my wife and I heard of Stone City Roasters we were really excited to have a coffee roaster in town. From our first sip of Autumnwood to our obsession with Tanzania we have been amazed at the delicious coffee Stone City roast. It has become the standard coffee for us on a daily basis. The coffee is roasted within a day of it being delivered and guarantees an amazing cup of coffee.

The thing that separates Stone City from the rest is that the passion and commitment to the customer and the product. It’s evident in every interaction and has made us a loyal customer. Congratulations on your 1st year, and all the best in the years to come SCR !

Have A Great Day!

Phil B

I have so many positive things to say about Stonecity Coffee Roasters!  First, they roast amazing coffee everytime.  Second, they are amazing people who love what they do, care about the quality of their product, but also care about their customers!!!  I feel like family yet I have never actually had a full conversation with them in person.  Buy their coffee, trust me, you won't regret it!

Emily M.

Loving the Briarwood Blend! I ordered the 1lb bag and it arrived fresh and nicely packaged. The aroma is heavenly and it's perfect for my morning cup of coffee. Not too strong, but full of flavour. Will definitely buy again! 


We loveeee the decaf Peru!  We both drink way to much coffee and felt we should cut caffeine in the evenings. The only decaf we had ever enjoyed was from the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui... we even tried to order it here with no success . After months of trying to find good decaf (since we knew from our holiday it was actually 

 possible) and many failures we finally discovered the stone city blend! We love it! 

Thanks again

Kendra F

We really are in love with your coffee!  You have a superior product, and the love you have for your business and your family is so very evident and makes your product that much more desirable! I absolutely love your Instagram stories and how you share your life and love with your customers through every bag of coffee that exits your doors. You truly spread love and joy, which is a breath of fresh air in the times we are in. I recommend your product ALL the time and will continue to do so. Once you go Stone City you’ll never go back 

Please feel free to share this as a review!  

P.S.  If I had to pick a favorite it would be Espresso or Sumatra blend. 

Corinne T

Stonecity roasters has won me over as a coffee drinker. I While I could try to use fancy words to try to convince you how great it is, 

Im gonna keep it simple. I have tried coffee from all over the world, and the name brands that everybody talks about. Stonecity has me sold. They have a fabulous website...easy to navigate. And their coffee options are incredible...a taste for every flavour. 

The best part?  You’re supporting a small, local business. Can’t get better than that!

Thanks Stonecity!

Nanette S.

Stone city coffee has the best, freshest and most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. There’s no need to add any cream or sugar, the coffee has a great taste on its own. To top it all off, stone city is willing to give you advice and pointers to make your coffee taste even better! Getting a burr grinder and French press has enhanced the taste of their amazing coffee! 

Jo P.

I just wanted to tell you about the coffee I’ve tried from Stone City Coffee Roasters. I tend to lean towards dark roast, the darker the better, although the Autumnwood and Berkeley blends are delicious and rich in flavour as well. I sent a bag of your Christmas blend to my daughter as a gift and she loved it.

Marlene G.

Stonecity coffee has become our only coffee. With the free local delivery, super fresh beans and the amazing taste, we even switched from buying beans to ground coffee because we just go through it so fast and their grinder is better than ours! 

From someone who really sucks at making coffee, I can make a really good cup now, as long as I don’t spill. I’ve even gotten my siblings hooked! Colleen’s smile and engaging Instagram content is also one of my fave accounts to follow. Love a family first business that’s here to get to know you!


I couldn’t be happier to share my review of your coffee with you. I have always been a coffee drinker but my fiancé was a (other brand) guy...I don’t know if I can say the brand name whoops. Because he was a big coffee drinker I’m talking a pot a day I didn’t go ahead and buy my own coffee I just slow down on coffee or picked up coffee on my way to work. Our roommate bought other (nicer) coffee and it was always the best days when he would make the coffee. I realize there must be something better out there but did not go look for it I continued with my (another brand) adventures. It wasn’t until the pandemic took over and one of my students brought me a lovely gift just because of the chaos that was this year and it was a bag of your sunrise blend. I kid you not it converted my fiancé with one sip and we have not bought (other brand) since. We refer to your coffee as our nice coffee or our fancy coffee and we love to enjoy it on weekends. Sunrise is hands down my favourite coffee on the planet. So thank you!

Jordyn S.

As someone who loves good coffee but cannot handle much caffeine, I’ve been on the hunt for decaf coffee that doesn’t taste watery and bland. At multiple friends’ recommendations, I reached out to Stone City Coffee Roasters and Colleen recommended I try their Decaf Brazil roast. It blew me away. The flavor is strong with subtle undertones... just like a good cup of coffee should be. It is so, so delicious and you’d never guess it was decaf.

Breanna E.

Your coffee is always fresh! Brazil is my favorite! So happy to have you as our local coffee roaster! You have so many different varieties and provide an excellent service!



Coffee Break
Couple Drinking Coffee

I love your coffee and it keeps me sane! I'm normally a "double double" type of person but am now in the midst of a 40 day sugar fast. Stone City coffee keeps me going, it's the only coffee I can drink black!  Removing the extra sugar I'm finding myself noticing the chocolate or vanilla flavours more and I love the tasting notes on the bags to help me decide what to buy. I've also appreciated the coffee school on Instagram and am now the proud owner and daily user of a burr grinder!

Michelle F

The first time I tried your coffee was this last December - the Christmas blend. It was so good, dare I say best coffee we’ve brewed at home! Looking forward to it being available in the Winkler area soon ;)
Kyrsten B.

Coffee Shop

My husband won’t drink any other coffee! How awesome to have our own local roaster in our small city. Best new business of the year!
Karen D.

Your coffee is amazing, loved your Christmas blend so much that I bought three bags.  I also bought a Chemex coffee brewer from you and just love the way my coffee tastes using this method of brewing.  I now only buy your roasted beans for my daily coffee fix.  

Kim F.

Stone City Coffee is the first specialty coffee I've had and I was thoroughly impressed. You can taste all the different flavors they describe on the bag and every sip is such a refreshing treat. Plus amazing customer service that will deliver the coffee to your door that they roasted only days before delivery. My favorite so far is the Autumnwood Blend. Will definitely buy more coffee again soon!

Abby K.

My husband absolutely loves yours coffee and I’ve bought for family and friends who rave about it too!   Your coffee is so smooth and aromatic!! My husband loves your Brazil and Berkeley blends!!  My husband never asks for gifts but now your coffee is the only thing he wants for bdays and Christmas  lol.  

Rina H.

Coffee Hearts

When my wife and I discovered this coffee we were excited. It was hard to find reasonably priced quality coffee in the area. The Ethiopian coffee Stone City Roasters offers is better than anything we’ve had before. It is smooth, with subtle nutty undertones; hints of berry and a whole lot of aroma. The best part of waking up is the smell of Stone City Roasters dripping into my cup! We’ve even turned friends, family, and coworkers onto it. Chris D.

We stumbled onto your coffee beans while picking up some baked goods and have been exclusively buying them since! It’s so nice to be able to buy a quality coffee and support local at the same time.

Helen S.

In 2015 my husband and I backpacked across Costa Rica, literally drinking fresh coffee right on the farms. I haven’t tasted coffee that good since, well, this morning actually. Stone City Coffee Roasters are serving their customers only the best of the best, and when I open a fresh roasted bag, and breathe in that glorious smell, it takes me right back to the sun on my face, the beauty of travel and the joy of an amazing cup of fresh coffee in hand. 


Stirring Coffee

I LOVE your fresh roasted coffee. 

Last summer we served your coffee exclusively at our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. It was amazing. 

With Covid and all we did a lot of the work ourselves so we didn’t have to limit the number of guests (50) more than we already had to. So, I made a huge pot of coffee (Peru decaf) in my big 30 cup coffee urn. I know it’s not the ideal way to brew your amazing roast, but it tasted fantastic. 

We also had made the decaf coffee previously and served it iced!  Also amazing. That was all consumed (not surprised). It was delicious. 

At Christmas my kids gifted me the Merry Christmas blend. So good. Didn’t last long enough unfortunately. 

Thanks for the great work you do in turning out such great product!

So very good!

Enjoying the coffee,


Coffee Break

I don’t even know where to begin. Do I start with the coffee? Maybe Jay and Colleen... or even the sweetest little delivery boys!!
Jay and Colleen started their coffee journey while I was pregnant with my second. I love coffee, but during pregnancy it’s the last thing I want. I was soo sad that I couldn’t enjoy a freshly roasted batch from these sweet humans. However that didn’t stop me from buying to share with all my friends!! The comments were endless, ‘where is the coffee from’ almost everyone would ask! I was so excited to try Stone City Coffee soley on the reaction of the people I brewed it for!
And so the day finally came!! I was sitting on Stone Cities website pondering which coffee to buy, when Colleen herself shows up at my door with a freshly roasted bag of coffee! Now that’s service! ;) I was blown away by the taste! And I continue to blown away by the service! Colleen is quick to answer the question I have and I’m so thankful to her! She helped me to decide on a French press, then a proper coffee grinder! Never pushing for a sale but full of knowledge and wanting to share it! Stone City coffee is never far from me, I keep a nice little stash in my diaper bag incase I’m in a home that has not experienced them!! It’s worth the experience! Thank you Jay, Colleen, Damian and Zane for all your love and the  sweat that you have poured into your fabulous business. I give you a 20 out of 10. 
Love Kaleigh!

Love love the decaf coffee.  My son is taste testing all your coffee and definitely has his favorites. Love to shop locally. Thanks for the pleasant delivery as well.  

Lynette D.

I saw Stone City Coffee mentioned on social media, and started following because they are a local MB business. After seeing plenty of reviews saying how great the coffee is, we decided to try it for ourselves. Wow! We were not disappointed! Stone City Coffee has quickly become our new favourite, and I look forward to drinking it every morning (and afternoon!). We have tried a few varieties of their beans, and they have all had such rich, delicious flavour. Stone City quite possibly has ruined other coffee for me! 10/10 would recommend to anyone, from the most basic of coffee drinkers, to the "coffee snobs." This coffee is amazing.

Lindsay R.

I would love to share a review of your coffee. I am an absolute coffee lover. When the pandemic hit I decided to try a local roaster and numerous people suggested Stone City. We have tried three different blends and loved them all. Our favorite is the Berkeley which we now purchase in the 4 lb bag. Besides the coffee being amazing so is the customer service! They go above and beyond to deliver a delicious blend of goodness. 

Ashley G.

Hey guys, I love your coffee. I, legit, have NEVER liked coffee. It's always seemed so bitter and I couldn't drink it without lots of sugar and cream, but I've been drinking your coffee as an unsweetened latte most mornings and it's delicious. I actually look forward to a morning coffee now and I get why people enjoy it.

Much thanks, 


The ONLY coffee I’ve ever had that I actually like to drink black! If that isn’t a positive enough then paired with the customer service, I would recommend this coffee 100%!! We especially love the espresso blend! There is nothing like a cup of stone city coffee roasters coffee first thing in the morning when the kids have had a rough night!! 


Leanne K.

I was initially given a bag of your coffee as a gift from our son and daughter-in-law, Jason and Stacey.  I loved the smooth rich flavour immediately!  I ended up buying more of your coffee as soon as I found out you were selling it at Sobeys Birdshill. I then gave a bag of coffee to my best friend for Christmas - her as well as her son-in-law are major coffee snobs and they both said how fantastic your coffee tasted! Now they are both buying your coffee!  Your coffee is second to none! Thank you for working so hard and producing the best coffee ever!!

Helen K.

I like coffee so much that I don’t want to go the 16+ hours between when I stop drinking caffeinated coffee at 3pm and when I start drinking it again the next morning. But, great decaf was hard to come by... that is until we started buying Stone City Decaf Brazil. It’s just so tasty. There’s nothing more calming than pot of coffee after the kids are in bed, without worrying it might keep me up all night! (Stone City caffeinated is great too, but if I had to choose one, it’d be a lifetime supply of the decaf).

- Carolyn

The espresso blend has been great for use in my espresso machine. Tons of great crema from the ridiculously fresh roasted beans (received only a day after roasting). Not excessively bitter and the company is awesome and customer service has been great.

Kurtis E.

I usually drink the Berkeley Blend and I Love it! I have not loved coffee this much is years. Stone City Coffee Roasters are all about customer service. From delivering coffee straight to my door, to helpful tips on how to make better coffee with whatever method you have at home. I also find their coffee flavour descriptions very helpful and I’m excited to try some new ones for iced coffees this summer! Supporting local has never tasted this good. 

Kris P.

We are so happy with our subscription with Stone City Coffee! The delivery to the door is amazing, the flavour never lets us down, and the variety has been wonderful. The robust flavour of every cup of coffee along with the beautiful colour shines through. We love using these beans in our espresso maker. Only downfall is that it is SO good we honestly cannot stand the taste of the coffee we drank prior! 


Thanks for opening our eyes to the world of coffee!

 Veronica :)

I have been drinking Stone City coffee since I met them at the Kleefeld market September 2020, I am hooked to this coffee since! My favourite is the espresso, but they are all good! I even bought the Baratza grinder. Since I drink this coffee, I do it with the French Press or the Chemex, the flavours are coming out so much better! Colleen has a fun and enthusiastic way presenting her coffee on social media as well as giving us recipes and telling us from which country the coffee beans come from! She and her husband Jay and their 2 little boys are a great, sweet  family and care for their customers! I hope they will never stop roasting this delicious coffee! Way to go Colleen and Jay! You are doing great!! 

Carin V.

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