About Us

At Stone City Coffee Roasters, we are a family team roasting coffee with the help of our two boys.

We grew up in southeastern Manitoba, where we were taught the value of hard work, honesty, and integrity. We are blessed to be raising our boys in the southeast as well.

Our love for quality-tasting coffee has evolved over the years as we enjoyed specialty coffee shops and craft roasting shops. We love to travel with our boys and try out little coffee shops everywhere we go.

One of our most memorable experiences was a road trip to California when we brought back many pounds of craft coffee that our family roasted for us while we were there. We became passionate about freshly roasted coffee on that trip. As we drove home along the pacific coast, we had the fragrance of the beans, the fresh ocean breeze, and the joy of family surrounding us.

Whenever we smell the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, it always transports us back in time to that special memory and the trip where our dream of roasting coffee began.

We roast our beans with passion, and we want our coffee to be the coffee that you share with the people in your life. Stone City intends to provide you with a cup of coffee that brings joy into your life. We want every cup to be smooth and bursting with flavor. Those things can only come from freshly roasted beans.

Our family does our best to bring you the best! With that in mind, we only source the finest high-grown Arabica coffee sourced from around the world. Each handcrafted small batch is what makes our relationship with our coffee unique. Our method ensures the beans are roasted to perfection, which inevitably results in an exquisitely smooth cup of coffee every time.