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The Perfect Pour Over

Want to know how to make the perfect pour-over?

Supplies needed:

6, 8 or 10-cup Chemex coffee maker

Metal mesh filter or Chemex paper filter


50 g medium-coarse ground coffee

700 grams of hot water, 30 seconds off the boil or if you have a temperature kettle 200°

Tips and tricks.

-If you use a paper filter make sure you use hot water to wet the filter before you add your grounds. Then dump out the water.

-Chemex filters are 30% thicker than other filters and keep oils & sediment out of your cup resulting in a pure cup of coffee.

( available for purchase at our coffee bar)

-When you pour the water cover the grounds completely, then stop pouring and let it bloom for 1 minute. Then slowly continue pouring in a circular pattern. Also only cover the grounds, then stop and let it steep. Keep on going with this pattern.

-You can always do less or more coffee beans to tweak the richness of flavour that you prefer!

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