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Glass Jar Pure Soy Candles

Glass Jar Pure Soy Candles

 10 oz. Coconut Maple Latte pure soy wax candle

Who doesn’t love the aroma of a latte? 

I wanted you to feel like you were on an outing, sipping a delicious latte. A latte made with rich coconut milk, then a splash of maple syrup, and of course the fine aroma of espresso.

One of my favorite things to do is sit around with friends and sip a latte while having a lot of good conversation and laughter.

Thanks to Jamie for working with me to create an aroma that will make your home smell amazing, add that element of cozy, and have the scent walk you down memory lane to a time in your life that was carefree and joyful. 

10 oz Brown Sugar & Fig
When I created this scent I had a very specific idea in mind. With the help of Jamie at Farmers Daughter Candle Co., we created a scent that we are sure you are going to love too!
A candle that would make you want to cozy up by the fire with a delicious cup of coffee and be immersed in an aroma that just feels like a giant hug
This candle is infused with Tuscan sandalwood, cedarwood, and brown sugar fig. 
Woodsy fir needles, green moss, caramelized sugar, coconut milk, white floral, vanilla, and sandalwood.  

These signature Stone City Coffee Roasters, pure soy wax candles were hand poured in Steinbach, Mb by Jamie at Farmers Daughter Co. Her candles are a favorite of mine because the smell is soft and fragrant. 

Burn time 45-50 hours.


*picture is our summer scent*


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