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The Key To Understanding Coffee Flavours

The key to understanding many of the different coffee flavours is the region the coffee beans were grown in. Soil, altitude, temperature, sunlight and rainfall all affect the flavour of coffee beans. When it's well grown, cleanly harvested and roasted properly coffee lets you taste the regional flavours in the cup. 

Central America: You can expect a well-balanced cup with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and a hint of tart, fruity acidity.  Some spice and cocoa notes may also be present. Stone City Coffee Roasters offers Guatemala, Organic Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

South America: These coffees are similar to the Centrals; they are light and mild.  There is a mellow acidity and strong caramel sweetness, with a hint of nutty undertones. Stone City Coffee Roasters offers Colombia and Brazil and Decaf Colombia

Asia: Tasting notes are deep and dark.  There is a hint of earthiness with an aroma of spiciness.  When roasted medium-dark you can taste the smoky and toasted flavours with a long lasting finish that recalls very dark, unsweetened cocoa.  Stone City Coffee Roasters offers Sumatra and Sulawesi.

Africa: These coffees are quite complex, with a distinctive wine taste, fruit tones and with a fragrant floral aroma. Stone City Coffee Roasters offers Ethiopia.

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