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Cold Brew Concentrate Tips

Ok friends, I want you to love your cold brew drinks all summer long. So if your making cold brew concentrate I want to make sure you loving it! Cold Brew concentrate ratios is typically 1 part coffee to 4 parts water. This makes a STRONG concentrate.

Tip #1- YOU need to find the perfect ratios for how you like it.

Tip #2 if you are using low-fat or no-fat milk with your cold brew concentrate then you need LESS concentrate. Ideally, 2oz concentrate to 6oz milk plus flavour shots. Pour over ice.

Tip #3 full fat always is going to taste the BEST plus you might want to use about 1oz more of concentrate than no fat.

So my favourite way to make a cold brew is a 3oz cold brew, 2oz cream, 2 oz sweetened condensed milk plus a flavour shot. Pour over ice. This is the BEST.

Tip #4 strength is subjective. If your drink is to strong add more milk/cream, if it is to weak add more concentrate.

Tip #5 always add a splash of cream. Plain or flavoured. It’s just way better.

Tip #6 measure the first couple of times so you can figure out and get YOUR perfect formula!

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