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Tanzania Peaberries

Tanzania Peaberries

Tanzanian coffees are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, under the shade of banana trees—truly an exotic location for this East African coffee. Tanzanian coffee is somewhat similar to the coffee of its neighbor north of the border (that's Kenya, for the geographically challenged): bright, clean, and aggressively complex.

The coffee on these estates is grown in volcanic soil that is rich in nutrients and therefore makes for a sweet taste with balanced flavours.


This Tanzania peaberry coffee is smooth, medium body with a touch of berry, toffee and finishes with a hint of spice. It will quickly become your new favourite!


Growing altitude is 1400-2000masl

Variety is Bourbon, Kents, Typica, Blue Mountain

and the harvest process is washed and sun dried.

  • from 18.99

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