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Gesha-Microlot Colombia

Gesha-Microlot Colombia

We are so excited to be offering this Gesha coffee for you! 

Lidian and her husband Edgar Antonio Cardenas own and operate 3 farms (El Rosario, LaEsperanza, and Finca ‘Sin Nombre’) across 4 hectares in the La Marimba neighborhood of Acevedo, Huila.  They focus on washed process coffees and enjoy the simplicity of the process and the clean cup it creates. On their farms they have few hundred Gesha trees.  This coffee was grown at 1460 MASL.

The tasting notes are cocoa, clove and hint of fruit! Sweet,bright and so smooth is how Jay and I would describe it!


If you loved our Pink Bourboin Colombia Microlot we had about 2 years you are going to LOVE this one too!







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