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Auto Drip Coffee Maker Tips...


Want some auto drip coffee maker tips?

Often an auto drip coffee maker will make an inferior cup of coffee. The reasons behind this is that they brew to quickly and the water temperature is not correct and consistent. The Bonavita line is designed to be the perfect auto drip but they are not super common. I want help you achieve the best coffee at home with the kind of coffee makers that are little more budget friendly and readily available.

So here are some tips that we do with both the Braun Coffee Maker and the Cuisinart.

First you need a good quality burr grinder. A metal blade grinder will burn the beans while grinding or can I saying beating the pulp out of them ! And you end up with different size of grinds so your coffee won’t extract the same while brewing. This is what makes for an unbalanced cup of coffee.

Then you need filtered water and fresh beans.

I am going to use the Braun Brewsense for all the examples.

So it can make 14 cups of coffee. But with these instructions you will never make 14 cups of coffee at one time. You will make 11. There is a reason for this!

Like I mentioned they are set up to brew quickly. But since we grind the beans finer then recommended it takes longer for the water to flow through grounds in the filter. Therefore if you fill your filter to capacity with grounds it will overflow and make a big mess. Trust me, it’s happened. Not fun!

1- grind the beans a little finer then medium

2- only put 10 cups of water in the Braun ( 14 cup capacity)

3-grind 3/4 cup beans

4- set the coffee maker to HOT

5-set the coffee maker to BOLD ( weak coffee is just not an option)

6-I prefer to use the gold filter with no paper filter. It makes a robust cup of coffee.

A gold filter, a water temperature setting and a bold option. Then always make less cups than your brewer is capable of so you can grind the coffee finer!

Will these tips help you out?

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